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Blueprint to finished mold
ABCO designs and manufactures world-class optical molds for many demanding clients.  Many of the optical parts our molds produce help to keep people safe from injury and harm. Our work processes, equipment, personnel and training combine cohesively to meet our clients’ exacting standards.

The work process

By utilizing our experience we strive to help new clients get through the learning curve quicker so that their mold is produced in the most expeditious manner. 

Each mold is produced under the responsibility of a project leader (a journeyman diemaker) who takes charge of the overall production of mold components, final assembly and testing.

Typical workflow for new project:

  1. Client sends ABCO engineering drawings or CAD files to review
  2. Quote and proposal are negotiated and approved
  3. Client gives ABCO technical requirements for material type, optical specifications, etc.
  4. ABCO designers work up a mold design and fine tune the finished product with the client for optimal performance
  5. Mold making process commences, followed by polishing and inspection of optical surfaces
  6. After shipping the mold to client, ABCO works with client to evaluate finished parts and performance of mold