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ABCO Tool & Die’s ‘visionary’ business strategy provides a clear path to growth

Plastics Today, July 21, 2014

When ABCO Tool & Die Inc. started in business nearly 40 years ago, the company was your typical mold builder. However, it then received an opportunity from one of the major manufacturing companies in the state of Massachusetts: Polaroid.

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ABCO Tool & Die, Inc.: Eyes on the Prize

MoldMaking Technology, November 2008

Continuing to focus on its specialty of producing optical molds, this moldmaker’s vision of becoming a resource to its customers is realized by equipment and technology upgrades.

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Visionary specialists

Injection Molding, June 2006

A keen-eyed Cape Cod moldmaker spotted opportunities for growth in lens and optical molds on the horizon more than two decades ago, set sail, and never looked back.

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